Consulting: We're in this together.

In the age of digital communications, every organization needs a plan. I can help empower your organization's decision-making by crafting plans and strategy for everything from marketing to internal communications.

My experience with Dallas has been a very positive one. His quality of work and his quick ability to consume information and build on it has been very impressive and helpful in making the job smooth and up to expectations. Highly recommended.
— Zaid Abdul Felat,

Social media strategy

Social media can be a huge time commitment. I can assess your organization's needs and audiences and help you determine where to focus your efforts, and hook you up with the tools to manage things more effectively.

Online marketing

Advertising online can be tricky. There's a lot out there that isn't worth your investment, but plenty of opportunity as well. I can help you navigate these waters and use your capital efficiently.

Communications planning

Social media is part of the communications equation, but not all of it. A detailed communications plan can help you maximize your strengths and focus on where you need to improve to expand your reach. Knowledge is power.

Project management

Contracting a project manager for a specific project can be more cost-effective than hiring staff. If you're new to digital or communications projects, I can help you get the right people and keep things organized and moving.


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