Project: My Moringa

Completed: March 2017
Services used: Squarespace website development, ecommerce setup, brand identity, logo design, product label design, content research, and copywriting.



The idea

My Moringa already had a product: Top quality, moringa leaf powder, grown and dried in Costa Rica. Distribution was limited and they weren't happy with their current physical packaging. As they looked to scale up distribution, it was high time to get serious about their brand and establish an online presence as well. We initially had a conversation about designing a new product label, but that quickly evolved into an entire brand development and website project. My Moringa was glad they could work with a single supplier, and I was more than happy to put my entire skill set to work.

Making it happen

Step one was to develop a brand for My Moringa that would translate well to a physically project as well as online. Through a few rounds of concepts and discussions, we ended up with a design and a familiar colour scheme so consumers would recognize My Moringa as a health supplement, but that would also stand out from the pack with the use of a bold orange as a primary colour. From there, a top label and wrap-around label for the new, square tin was created.

An important piece of the website was the educational component, to demonstrate the benefits of moringa. Trouble being, with any health product, there's as much speculative information on the internet as there is proven research. So, I set out to wade through the clickbait and create content that was accurate, informative, and engaging. Thankfully, moringa is packed with vitamins and nutrients and has been studied quite a bit, so verifiable information was indeed available.

Since ecommerce was the focus of the site, strong call to actions were included throughout. Users should never have to look too hard to find your online so I made sure they wouldn't have to. I also wanted to ensure that the My Moringa team was comfortable using the ecommerce component of the site. I provided training on all aspects of managing of the site, so they felt empowered to handle the day-to-day operations. 

The results

My Moringa launched in March 2017. Using Squarespace's index pages, I created a long-form homepage, with information broken up by parallax scrolling images. This visually impressive homepage also translates well to mobile, which is an important thing to consider when doing something flashy. But, since we're selling a product, I felt flashy was appropriate. The new product labels also went into production around this time, ensuring a seamless experience for customers between the site and the product itself.