I'll write or edit pretty much anything.

Light, tight, and bright. That's my writing and editing philosophy (taught to me by a wonderful mentor). I keep this philosophy in mind whether I'm editing your manuscript or writing copy for your website. I always write with your audience in mind, and I like to keep things engaging and flowing. Nothing kills an audience faster than big chunks of uninteresting text. I'll make sure that doesn't happen!

Writing and editing services

Website content

Unwritten content is the most frequent reason for delays with web projects. There's an assumption that it will just all come together nicely, but this is seldom the case. I can help keep things moving. Creating good content takes work, and often clients and web developers don't have the resources to give it the time it needs. That's where I come in. 


Proposals and grant applications

I write successful proposals because I know what reviewers are looking for. Having spent time both writing and reviewing RFP submissions I'm happy to help you make yours a winner.

Advertising copy

I've written ads that have appeared in national publications. When it comes to online advertising, I've also written copy for Google ads, scripts for video ads, and full landing pages. I've got you covered.

Even more writing services

Need articles written to promote your product? How about a speech or a script? Maybe you need your resume redone. I can help! I also provide communications consulting and planning services if that's what you need.

Web content editing and optimization

Maybe you've got some web content written already. I can help you ensure is well-organized and readable. I love using headings and lists to ensure your key details are coming across clearly.


As a writer myself, I know the value of having a good editor. A second set of eyes will help catch details you may have missed, or help you shift focus to what matters to your readers. I can be those eyes.

Additional editing services

Perhaps you have an annual report that needs some work. I can provide a structural edit to ensure information is well-organized. Maybe your book or manuscript needs some love. I'd love to help.